Questions  &  Answers

Q: What forms of payment do you take ?
A: We accept Cash, Checks , Credit & Debit Cards!

Q: Do you accept returns ?
A: No, Unfortunately we do not accept returns. Please inspect items thoroughly before purchasing, and
read all tags for notes. Items purchased through our website Can be returned in store only!

Consignor Questions:

Q: Do you charge a consignment fee ?
A: Yes ~ We charge a $5.00  Processing fee for every  3-month contract signed!

Q: Do you need an appointment to bring things in ?
A: Yes, we do require an appointment unless otherwise instructed. No Walk-In's please

Q: How long will my items be displayed ?
A: Merchandise will be displayed in the store for a minimum of Ninety days after drop off. At Any
time merchandise  prices may be reduced at owner’s discretion, or pulled off the floor
& returned to you
on your payout days. Unsold merchandise may be picked up after your ninety day period, or Donated to

Q: Why do you not accept some items/brands ?
A: Because we pride ourselves on selling good quality, name brand items possible, we often must decline
items that do not meet our brand or quality standards. Please keep this in mind and try to only bring in
items you would purchase pre-owned for yourself. In addition due to space restrictions we sometimes
must turn down items due to lack of demand or over-supply.

Q: Do my items need to be on hangers?
A: Yes, hangers are required to minimize wrinkling. They will be returned to you at your next scheduled

Q: How much do I get paid , and when ?
A: Consignors receive 40% of the sales of Sold merchandise in the form of a check, or store credit if
chosen. You will be given 3 ~ Pay-Out Days in which YOU are responsible for calling the shop to check
and see if you have any money in your account. (you will not be called on your pay-out days)