1.  The Boutique is interested in Women & Juniors
clothing & accessories, lightly used (Good to Excellent
Condition) New and/or vintage clothing
& accessories, as
well as home decor including but not limited to artwork,
small pieces of furniture, kitchenware, knick-knacks,
decorative pieces, etc.

2.  Clothes will be held in the store for duration of 3
months. If they should not sell during that time, on the
last month check-in an appointment will be made and they
will Packed up and need to be Picked up from the shop. If
not picked up at the Appt. time given or no call is made
from the consignor to reschedule with-in 2 weeks of missed
appointment they will be considered property of the shop.
It is the consignors responsibility to keep track of any
appointment times as they will not be contacted.

3.  The consignor will receive 40% of the Sale from each
item sold via check, and Sure~ you Can use your payment
as store credit if you choose.
T.E.B will  always try and get you the best price for your
merchandise. It is the consignors obligation to make a list
of the items brought into the shop if they want for their
own records. A list Will Not be given to you

4. If store credit is used as payment the consignor will only
have 60 days to spend the credit at T.E.B. After that time,
the payment will be considered VOID. T.E.B. Will not be
held responsible for any Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property

There is no limit to the number of items one can bring to
the shop at any given time but what is accepted will be at
True Elegance’s discretion and at any time T.E.B.can
remove items consigned from the shops inventory without
notice to the consignor, which will be put aside and
returned. Items brought in should be on hangers (which
will be returned) and free of any wrinkles (which makes
them sale floor ready). If Items are folded, in a bag or box
and are wrinkled or soiled, you may have to take them
home to de-wrinkle!

6.  Once a month you'll have to call in and check on your
account. Payments made for sold merchandise will be given
out when an appointment is made to come pick up a check.
The dates that you will need to call will be given to you on
the day the contract is signed. No Walk Ins for Any
payments please. Always call first to make arrangements!!

7.  Vintage clothing & accessories are always sought &
the consignment regulations for condition
& time do not
directly apply. Ask for details~
Consignment Information
Basic Rules For Consigning
Please call & make an appointment to bring in your selection
There is a $5.00 processing fee due each time you start a
new contract or roll-over your account